ALERT: Civil Rights Icon Jesse Jackson CRUSHES Trump And His Sons With ONE PERFECT SENTENCE [WATCH HERE]

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The presidential contest between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump took a dark turn during their third and final debate when Trump refused to pledge to accept the results of the election. Never before in presidential history has a candidate not accepted the results of an election, and Trump has been building up his followers to watch for fake voter-fraud on election day. Studies show that voter fraud is nearly non-existent, and when it does happen the data shows it is mostly Republicans doing the cheating.

After Trump shook the political world with fear of inciting violence after the election by saying, “I’ll keep you in suspense.” his son, Donald Jr, the junior sociopath in the making, was interviewed about his father’s comments that the election is rigged against him. Donald Jr has been a vocal advocate, parroting nearly everything his father says and this was no exception. The younger Trump said, “We have no issue with a fair fight. but it has to be a fair fight. And when I saw what I’ve seen today, the American people should be disgusted with the process, because it is rigged.”

One thing the Trump’s don’t like is to be challenged, as they prefer to spin their own version of reality. However, Trump Jr found himself at the mercy of a civil rights icon as Jesse Jackson happened to be outside during the stupid remarks made by ole Donnie. When watching the interaction between the two the shock on Trump Jr’s face that he found himself in a verbal jousting match with Jessee Jackson clearly frightened him. Jackson made his point short, sweet, and to the debilitating point. Jackson said:

The electoral commission should determine that. Not the candidate.

Watch the full interaction below:

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