BREAKING: Trump’s Former Employee Describes Trump’s RACIST Rental Policies, Details Racist Language Including N*GGER [INFO]

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One of the main arguments presented against the candidacy of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is he’s a racist. One merely has to take a few seconds of initiative to search the litany of racist comments Trump has made. The Trump campaign, naturally, denies any wrong doing and says those who point out comments of the past are the actual racists who are afraid of the change Trump would bring to the Oval Office. Right. Now, new evidence has come to light which shows how Trump’s racist pathology was formed decades ago. Donald’s father, Fred Trump, the actual successful businessman was by no means ashamed of his racism, and who left Donald over $100 million in an inheritance, has been quoted for having said some truly ugly things about people who were not white.

NBC News conducted an investigation and located a man named Stanley Leibowitz who claims to have worked as a “rental agent” for the Trump family. Leibowitz says he witnessed Fred Trump make numerous racially charged comments, and even laid out the racist policies which he and Donald would later be sued for, as the Trumps allegedly refused to rent their properties to black people. According to Leibowitz Fred Trump said, “I don’t rent to the n-word.” Leibowitz further said Donald affirmed his father’s statements.

This account by Leibowitz is just another in a long list which are too numerous to mention. Will any of this information persuade Trump’s supporters to open their eyes before it is too late? Don’t count on it.

Watch the full interview below:

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