BREAKING: Trump Just Got DEVASTATING News From These Two MUST WIN Battleground States

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Two of the most important battleground states for Donald Trump are North Carolina and Arizona, and it was announced in Tuesday morning polls that he is losing both.

In North Carolina, Hillary Clinton has a 7 point lead, and winning North Carolina is an essential state for Trump if he is to win the White House.

Clinton leads Trump 46% to 39% in the survey conducted by the New York Times’ Upshot section and Siena College. Libertarian Gary Johnson polled at 8% in the state’s three-way presidential race. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, is not on the ballot in the state.

A victory in North Carolina, a state that 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney won, would all but seal off any path for Trump to the White House. Trump must win a variety of swing states in order to have even a shot at the presidency, and North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes are essential to his chances.

And in Arizona, which is just about as red a state can get, the state is a toss-up. According to a Monmouth University poll released Tuesday afternoon, Trump and Hillary are deadlocked, with Trump leading by just 1 point.

In a four-way race, Trump tops the field with 46% support among likely voters, followed by Hillary at 45%, Gary Johnson at 4% and Jill Stein at 1%. Three percent of respondents are undecided. Clinton has a 40-point advantage among the state’s non-white voters, 67% to 27%. Trump, however, has leads with white voters, 56% to 35%, including white men, 64% to 26%, and white voters without a college degree, 66% to 28%.

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