Trump Caught On Hot Mic AGAIN, Making Excuses For His Sexual Predator Behavior

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The fallout from the comments of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women and getting away with it has been swift. Trump’s numbers have fallen in all areas of support, particularly amongst women after the comments came to light. However, Trump being his usual oblivious and disgusting self found a silver lining as only he would be able to do. After being painted as a sexual assaulter who has never been prosecuted Trump bragged that the accusations might actually be good for him!

Trump was in Maine giving a speech, which was supposed to have been protected from audio devices recording his every word. The crack security of the failed businessman missed at least one recorder which was able to capture Trump bragging about his intentions of using his own words to help fight off the various accusations made by over a dozen women who claim Trump attempted to sexually assault them.

Like a good racist and hater of all people, Trump made his comments when he though they were not being recorded. He said:

To me, it matters. I don’t want to mention it for a whole speech, but I want to mention it for a paragraph. These are liars. This stuff never happened and people are finding out that it didn’t happen and I think it could actually inure to our benefit.

Listen to the ridiculous idea from Trump below:

If you can stomach that, watch Trump’s full PUBLIC speech he gave in Maine later that day:

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