BREAKING: The Results From THESE Battleground States Are In – Trump Devastated…

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With just weeks to go before the presidential election, results are already starting to pour in from polls in key battleground states, and things aren’t looking good for Donald Trump.

According to Five Thirty Eight, Clinton has taken the lead over Trump in the crucial state of Florida, which has a 19 percent chance of deciding the election. The only other state that has over a 10 percent chance of casting the deciding electoral vote is Pennsylvania, which has a 12 percent chance.

Clinton currently has a three percentage point lead over Trump nationally and a one percent point lead in Florida, which means she may be able to hold onto Florida while losing some light-blue states. Five Thirty Eight reported:

Let’s say, for example, that on Election Day, Clinton underperforms with white voters without college degrees even more so than she is doing now. Her support would collapse in the Midwest, and her troubles in Maine would likely bleed over into New Hampshire. But Florida is more diverse, with one of the largest groups of Latino voters of any battleground state and a sizable African-American population. So, in this scenario, the nonwhite vote in Florida might allow Clinton to hold onto the state even if she were to lose Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Here’s that winning map:


Hopefully Trump isn’t able to gain any more ground, as according to the current map this is a very tight race. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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