BREAKING: Just Hours Before The Debate, Debate Commission Changes MAJOR Rule, Trump Is FURIOUS

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The third and final debate is tonight in Las Vegas, and the Clinton campaign is not taking any chances.

According to the New York Times, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has asked to change the setup of the pre-debate greetings tonight.

At the previous two debates, the spouses of both candidates have met to shake hands. But this time around, former President Bill Clinton and Melania Trump will enter the debate hall in a way that avoids having the families cross paths. They will enter the hall on the same side of the hall where they are to be seated.

Two people close to the campaign told the Times that the Clinton campaign asked for the change after the last debate when Donald Trump invited three women who’ve accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault and fourth whose rapist Hillary Clinton was court-appointed to defend in 1975.

Trump wanted the women sit with his family, which would mean the women would cross paths with the former president at the start of the event.

The Commission on Presidential Debates stepped in at the last debate to say that said if Trump did seat the women in his box, security officers would remove them.

At the debate tonight, Trump has already announced that he has invited Patricia Smith, the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, as well as Malik Obama, the estranged half-brother of President Barack Obama.

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