BREAKING: Just A Day After Her BIG INTERVIEW, Melania Trump Is Caught In HUGE Lie [DETAILS]

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Melania Trump gave two interviews, one that aired Monday night on CNN, and one that aired Tuesday morning on Fox News. In both interviews she made excuses for her husband, said she forgives him, and that the man on the tapes is not the man she knows.

She also brought up the People Magazine story about her and Donald Trump, which was written by one of the women accusing him of sexual assault.

Natasha Stoynoff was the writer on the original piece, and she told her story of having Donald Trump corner her in a room while she was at Mar-A-Lago writing a story about the Trump’s on their first wedding anniversary.

Donald Trump immediately denied the accusations, and Melania sued People Magazine, over a small part of the story, that has Stoynoff running into Melania outside of Trump Tower. Melania reiterated that she never ran into Stoynoff during her interview on CNN.

Melania said, “The story that came out in People magazine, the writer she said my husband took her to the room and started kissing her, she wrote in the same story about me that she saw me on 5th Avenue, and I said to her ‘Natasha, how come we don’t see you anymore?’ I was never friends with her, I would not recognize her.”

Well, it turns out that was a lie. Six colleagues and close friends who corroborate former PEOPLE writer Natasha Stoynoff’s account of being attacked by Donald Trump in 2005 are now coming forward. Among them is a friend who was with Stoynoff when she ran into Melania Trump later in N.Y.C.

People Magazine details 6 different people who can all corroborate Stoynoff’s story. Stoynoff’s story is one among at least 17 other stories of sexual harassment or assault involving Donald Trump, including 10 women alleging that he had groped them.

The Trump campaign continues to deny these accusations, and have pushed forth the narrative that these women are coming forward now as part of a smear campaign just weeks ahead of the election.

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