BREAKING: It’s CONFIRMED – Vladimir Putin Just Endorsed Donald Trump, Calls America A “Banana Republic” [WATCH HERE]

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This would be laughable if it wasn’t so horrifying, with the future of the United States on the line.

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Donald Trump for energizing American voters “tired of the elites” while denying that the Kremlin or Russian agents have sought to change the course of the U.S. presidential election.

Putin said, “Is America some sort of banana republic? America is a great power. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Does anyone really think that Russia can influence the choice of the American people in any way?”

Putin was speaking at the Valdai Club, at an annual gathering of Russian and international world policy experts.

Putin also had great words for Donald Trump, saying:

Trump has chosen his own way of reaching the hearts of the voters. He is acting extravagantly, but not so pointlessly.

He represents the interests of the part of the society tired of the elites that have held power for decades. He is representing the common people, and he is acting like a common guy himself.

This is laughable. Putin is an elite. Donald Trump is an elite. And we all know that Trump adores Putin, and says if he wins the presidency, will look forward to working with him.

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