BREAKING: Hours Before The Debate, Trump Campaign Drops BOMBSHELL – Hillary’s Campaign LIVID!

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Donald Trump has already announced that he is bringing Patricia Smith, the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, as well as Malik Obama, the estranged half-brother of President Barack Obama.

That isn’t the only surprise up Trump’s sleeve.

It was just announced that Trump is bringing Leslie Millwee, a former reporter from Arkansas who has accused former president Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her.

Millwee said Clinton groped her and rubbed his genitals on her while they were alone in the newsroom’s small editing room.

“He came in [to the editing room] behind me, started hunching me to the point that he had an orgasm,” she told Breitbart’s Aaron Klein. “He’s touching, trying to touch my breasts and I’m just sitting there very stiffly, just waiting for him to leave me alone. And I’m asking him the whole time, ‘Please do not do this. Do not touch me. Do not hunch me. I do not want this.’ And he finished doing what he was doing and walked out.”

Now, the report of what Bill Clinton allegedly did is coming from Breitbart News, so take that as you will. Still, Trump bringing this woman is simply ridiculous.

Trump also says that there are more surprises to come.

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