BREAKING: Brand New Reuters ELECTORATE Poll Shows UNPRECEDENTED Possible Win!

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If this poll is correct, soon we will be saying Madam President.

Hillary Clinton is set to beat Donald Trump with 326 electoral votes to Trump’s 212, according to a poll released Saturday.

The States of the Nation project, conducted by Reuters/IPSOS, painted a tough picture for Trump with just 17 days before the election.

Clinton is shown as leading in most of the states that Trump would need to win, and if the election were to be held today, she’d almost certainly win, with 95% chance of winning the vote, according to the poll.

The study shows Clinton likely to win North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida and Nevada, while Arizona and Ohio were too close to call. If turnout of Democratic voters is low while Republican turnout surges, however, Trump stands a chance of winning, the poll said.

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