Bill Maher Mops The Floor With Ann Coulter After She Attacks Hillary, Muslims, And Mexicans [WATCH HERE]

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HBO’s Bill Maher host of Real Time had a segment Friday with Conservative sweetheart Ann Coulter. Coulter insists that Trump isn’t guilty of any of his sexual assault allegations, and rejected a comparison to Bill Cosby, insisting that Trump’s sexual assault victims were part of a conspiracy to throw the election.

Coulter’s defense of Trump’s sexual assault: “No one is voting for Donald Trump because of his character and personality.”

MAHER: “If a tape of Obama had come out at some point during his presidency where he said ‘Hey, Freddie give me a tic tac ’cause I’m thinking about kissing a woman I’ve never met’ would there be any kind of outcry on the right?”

Coulter said she wouldn’t if it were the last weeks before the election. This coming from the woman who stands behind the man who invented the Obama born in Kenya conspiracy.

Coulter was one of the first people to predict Trump would win the Republican primary, and claimed Friday that Trump has a 60% chance to win. Coulter wrote a book which Trump apparently loved, Adios America, in which she claims Hispanics are the root of most all problems in America. Subsequently, Trump called Mexican’s rapists and built a movement around a wall.

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