Bill Maher EXPLODES On Idiot Trumper, Slams Fists “I Must F***ing Stop You!”

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Doanld Trump surrogate and advisor Stephen Moore was on Real Time With Bill Maher Friday night and would not stop interrupting Bill and the other panelists, desperately trying to spew out statistics to prove Trump is amazing and Obama sucks. Typical Trumper stuff.

It only took a few minutes for Bill Maher to completely lose it and smash his fists on the table screaming “I must f*cking stop you!”, Maher was trying to commit the cardinal sin that Trumpers hate, reading the real economic statistics that show that the economy has improved under Obama.

Maher to Moore: “I know you’re really excited, but let me be really clear,” Rye tried to say while Moore talked over her. “This is not the Monday night debate and I’m not Hillary Clinton. So, I’m just being very clear with you, I have something to say, and I need you to let me talk. Thank you.”

Via RawStory: The audience applauded as Rye began to speak again about the economy and Trump’s positions. “The point is very simple: When your candidate was asked whether he wanted to raise the minimum wage he initially said no, now he wants a slight increase. If you want to talk about wages—” and once again Moore began to talk over her. “You’re still not going to let me finish. You’re still not going to let me finish. Fantastic. This is going to be a great conversation.”

Maher: “Steve, Steve, let her get her, let her finish,”

An exhausted Angela Rye, who had been interrupted almost a dozen times: “It’s fine, Peter, go ahead,” turning away from Moore.

Rye: “The problem is, your candidate has deceived his voter base,”

Moore interrupting AGAIN, “How?” As if it’s controversial.

Rye: “Really?”

One of the more explosive encounters on Bill Maher, clip below, enjoy!

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