Bill Maher ANNIHILATED Trump in ONE glorious sentence

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The recent developments of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s odyssey of a campaign, where a man with no business running for political office only to obtain a national party’s nomination, only to find himself at the center of the worst scandal in presidential election history, has left comedians around the nation with no shortage of comedy fodder.

It seems as if Trump’s tale of woe is almost too good to be true. The bombastic billionaire was having an explicit sexual discussion on a bus with television personality Bill Bush about how Trump enjoys attempting to have sex with married women, while he himself was married, and that he can essentially get away with whatever he wants because he is rich and famous.

Comedian Bill Maher, who has been one of the loudest members of Hollywood beating a drum against Trump, came out with a devastating comment on Twitter which perfectly sums up the Republican party’s current predicament. Maher Tweeted:

Don’t let Trump quit! You assholes voted for him, nominated him, handcuffed yourself to this dead hooker, now drag it to the finish line!

The HBO host’s succinct comment perfectly illuminated the position of Republicans. With a month to go before Americans head to the ballot box it seems that Trump’s candidacy is all but doomed. There is nothing the Grand Ole Party can do at this point beyond take the long walk of shame with Trump, knowing they brought all of this gloom upon themselves. Perhaps, in the future, they will learn from their mistakes and actually nominate someone who isn’t a horrible person.


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