Bernie Sanders Just Got The BEST News Of His Life! And We Found Out By Accident [DETAILS HERE]

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Paul Ryan just made what amounts to a terrifying admission to Conservatives, but which should give us all even more reason to head to the ballot box in November. Speaker Ryan “warned” that if things continue to spiral downwards for Trump then Bernie Sanders will likely head up the Budget Committee under a new Democrat majority.

Via OccupyDemocrats: If voters select Democrats over at least four incumbent Republican Senators, then Bernie Sanders will become the next Senate Budget Committee Chairperson. It would be the ideal place for Vermont’s Senator Sanders to push for his priorities like infrastructure spending, fighting climate change, adding the public option to Obamacare and making sure that millions of Americans are guaranteed food security.

The races are too close to call in a variety of elections, but if the current trend continues, the prospects for Bernie look amazing. If Bernie was heading up the budget, then we can rest assured that we will finally see real change in America. Especially without Republicans able to block Obama, the way they have for the last 8 years. Trump has been a nightmare, but he may have been the greatest gift ever, considering this news!

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