Ann Coulter tried defending Trump’s sex assaults and was RUINED

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has seen his already abysmal support amongst women plummet after world spread of the existence of a secret audio recording of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women. Trump was riding on a tour bus bragging to Billy Bush, who is related to Former presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, about grabbing women “by the pus*y.” Few have come to Trump’s defense, and fewer have been females. However, one idiot stands alone in her unshakable obliviousness to the seriousness of Trump’s behavior and the precedent which it sets.

Ann Coulter, the paragon of right-wing ignorance, took to Twitter to attempt to defend Trump by changing the subject to attack First Lady Michelle Obama. Coulter, who exists to sell poorly written books to even dumber people, wrote the following:

Beyonce, cited by Michelle Obama as role model for her daughters, sings about “pussy curvalicious, served delicious.” Oh my. I just fainted.

It would appear in Coulter’s desperation to change the subject, or to make it acceptable for Trump to have assaulted women, she cited song lyrics. Which makes absolutely no sense to anyone who is capable of paying attention to the narrative at hand.

However, Coulter couldn’t even assign the correct name of the artists who sang the lyrics in question, and the good people of Twitter did not allow her off the hook for her error.

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