ALERT: Michael Moore Just Dropped A BOMB On Trump With A BRUTAL New Documentary (VIDEO)

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Those vehemently against the candidacy of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are numerous and come from all walks of life. Many choose to protest Trump in various ways, and those in the world of entertainment have taken some interesting steps to make their voices heard. One filmmaker, who is known to cause trouble with his opinions and documentaries, has just announced the equivalent of a nuclear bomb that is sure to shake up the presidential election which is just a few short weeks away.

Michael Moore, the famed director of “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11” took to Twitter to announce what he has colorfully called his #OctoberSurprise. It appears Mr. Moore has been crafting a film about Donald Trump in secret, which he has aptly titled, “Michael Moore in TrumpLand.” The film is 73-minutes long and was unknown to the public before Moore opened the floodgates of speculation.

The film was offered to be viewed for free at the IFC Center in Manhattan, New York, with little notice being offered. Moore tweeted, “Hey NYC- Who wants a peek @ what I’ve been up 2? Tues, 9:30pm, IFC Center. TIx free, 1st come, b.o. opens 8:30pm.”

It seems Moore had originally intended for his film to be a broadway show to be performed in Ohio, but he claims that the theater he sought to rent for the piece’s opening was shut down by squirmish theater management:

Well, this past week, my big plans got dealt a death blow by the Republicans of Licking County, Ohio. We got a call from the theater management telling us, “We’re sorry but the community board that oversees the theater has voted to not allow Michael Moore to perform his show here. We are declining the rental.” When asked why, it was explained to us that, “Michael Moore’s appearance here could reflect negatively upon the Midland Theatre. He is too controversial and the risk is too great. The board is afraid that renting the theater to him may cause the theater to lose long-standing patrons. Our board here is fairly conservative and it was felt that Mr. Moore would try to sway people’s minds to vote his way.”

Now that Moore’s bomb has been unleashed on the nation, we will all sit with baited breath in anticipation if its influence will damage Trump’s already ragged presidential campaign.

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