Zach Galifianakis just SAVAGED Donald Trump during interview

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Hollywood actor and comedian Zach Galifianakis has spoken out about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in regards to Trump making an appearance on “In between two ferns” the wildly popular spoof talk program hosted by Galifianakis.

Galifianakis was asked if he would entertain the idea of having Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on his program to which he replied, “No. That doesn’t interest me. Doing it the other way doesn’t interest me.” The other way Galifianakis referred to is his character asks odd questions to his guests. If Trump were on the program it would be impossible to gauge as he is already a maniac. Galifianakis went on to say, “He’s the kind of guy who likes attention — bad attention or good attention. So you’re dealing with a psychosis there that’s a little weird. I wouldn’t have somebody on that’s so mentally challenged. And you can print that.”

In the past, numerous celebrities have appeared including Brad Pitt. President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton also have both made appearances that were well received by the audience. As it happens Clinton’s episode with Galifianakis was the most viewed episode in the program’s eight-year history and as already reached thirty million views in less than a month.

However, Galifianakis is anticipating Trump’s people to contact him after his comments make their rounds in the media, “I wouldn’t be surprised if his team reached out, but I’d be surprised if it ever were to happen in the same way this happened, with us being able to improvise questions.” Improvisation is Trump’s specialty and his potential appearance would certainly garner a large audience.

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