Video evidence proves media’s bias against Trump when coverage of event was suddenly cut

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Much of the rhetoric of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been based around the media’s bias toward him. Some cursory evidence has been found to substantiate these claims from Trump’s campaign after Trump visited the economically abysmal city of Detroit.

Trump’s visit to Detroit was marked by a prayer from Bishop Wayne T. Jackson. Bishop Jackson gifted Trump a prayer shawl and was praising Trump with prayer. Apparently this scenario was not pleasing to the directors of Reuters news, who were covering the even live. An altercation between the cameraman and the director was captured during a “live mic” moment. The directors demand the cameraman cut from Bishop Jackson’s prayer of Trump, but the cameraman would not relent. He said, ““I’m shooting this, I don’t care what they say,… I’ll take a demotion for this…. you?”

After the cameraman refused to comply and one can hear shouts demanding “Shut it down!” and “Blackout.” After the loud scuffle, the video feed goes completely black. Reuters’ video was being streamed by multiple outlets online, but Reuters was the only actual live video feed on the ground. When their coverage was cut, the coverage from all other networks was also cut. Now many are asking if the removal of the video feed was an error, or if it was intentional.

Watch the strange video clip below and draw your own conclusions:

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