Unarmed protester SHOT IN THE HEAD by COPS in N.C. say witnesses

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Charlotte, North Carolina has been under siege with riots as angry citizens take to the streets to violently protest the killed of Kenneth L. Scott at the hands of police. One protester was shot in the head during the event, and members of law enforcement have stated the individual was shot by another protester. However, after various witnesses have come forward it appears the police may be lying about what really happened.

One of the witnesses at the scene was a criminal defense attorney named Kahran Meyer who says the police’s versions of event is a lie. Meyer tweeted:

I watched a man die tonight with my own two eyes. It was NOT by a civilian. I don’t care WHAT CNN tells you.

I was right fucking there.

Meyer later elaborated in an interview, “After leaving ‘The Epicenter,’ police made a human barrier to block a return to the main square, so the crowd was facing the hotel. At that point, all of the protests were completely peaceful – and that’s when the riot police arrived. I swear to god, you could feel the temperature go up by 10 degrees.”

Mere minutes after riot police arrived the shooting occurred. Meyer said, “It wasn’t a gunshot. It was much louder. It wasn’t a civilian injury. The way people scattered. No way. At least a dozen people exclaimed loudly ‘They just shot him’ and people in the crowd were familiar with him. At that point, the peaceful protesters who hadn’t already left, exited.”

The contradictory accounts of law enforcement and citizens on the ground are likely not going to be helpful in quelling the civil unrest currently plaguing Charlotte.

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