Trump’s supporters are the DUMBEST in America and this VIDEO proves it

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Most of the entertainment industry is standing steadfastly against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s candidacy, and they are doing what they can to ensure Trump does not win the White House. Jimmy Kimmel, host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” exposed Trump’s supporters as being willing to bend over backwards to explain away Trump’s insidious behavior, as his constituents will let him get away with anything. The blind are being led by the blind.

Kimmel’s team took to the streets of Los Angeles with another segment of his very popular “Lie Witness News”, which is typically good for a laugh as unsuspecting individuals are subjected to nonsensical questions. However, in this installment, the interviews were not funny. They were horrifying as Trump’s supporters showed their cluelessness.

One individual was asked, “Was it legitimate for Donald Trump to write off his many marriages as “entertainment”?

The answer shows just how stupid Trump’s supporters are. The man said:

Wow, good question. It was, it was entertaining. I mean to him it’s a tax write-off. Again, going back to your IRS, everything’s a loophole. If it’s there you gotta utilize it.

Another individual was asked, “What do you think of Donald Trump listing his primary occupation as “farmer””?

Their response was equally as cringe worthy:

Well, I mean, if he does own farms, that he’s invested in farms, I mean that’s…as an entrepreneur you can say what you need to say, especially for tax purposes.

See? Trump’s supporters don’t mind if he lies. In fact they encourage the Trump to do so, and many seem to gain pleasure out of the act. These individuals are shameless, and have no shame for Donald Trump either. One wonders if they would feel shame if they realized they had been baited with questions about things that never happened? Considering their answers, it is highly unlikely.

Watch the segment below for more stupidity:


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