Trump’s rallies call for Clinton’s death, show her head on a pike!

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The rallies held by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are images into a scary potential future of America where individuals are hateful and violent. Those who attend Trump’s rallies live in an alternate reality where every person is suspected of trying to steal their rights and lives. Some have become so paranoid that they open call for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned, or even executed.

One individual went so far as to put a mask of Hillary Clinton on a spike, as if she had been decapitated and the individual was proudly parading around the severed skull. Disagreeing about politics is one thing, and political discourse is healthy and necessary for a nation of robust ideas to live to its full potential. Individuals inciting violence and wishing for politicians with whom they disagree is not healthy; it is absolute madness.

Donald Trump has a responsibility as a public figure, and one shudders to think as a role model, to be the voice of reason. However Trump is the individual who helped fill the sea of stupidity, and it is unreasonable to believe Trump would ever be reasonable with his own views. In fact, Trump’s rhetoric has only grown more heated and incendiary, where he called for his supporters and “second amendment people” to find a remedy for Hillary Clinton if she wins the presidency in November.

View a video of the severed Clinton head:

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