Trump’s foundation made ILLEGAL DONATIONS, busted by IRS

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s charitable foundation violated Federal tax law and Trump was forced to pay the IRS a penalty.

Apparently, the Donald J. Trump Foundation gave a $25,000 donation in 2013 to a campaign group affiliated with Pam Pondi, Florida’s Attorney General. Pondi was in charge of determining if fraud allegations should be brought against Trump University, and Pondi chose not to charge Trump. The Trump Foundation broke the law because they are a 501c3 organization and are not allowed to make political contributions of any kind. The IRS fined Trump $2,500, to which he quickly paid.

Trump’s senior vice president, Jeffrey McConney, said the donation was made in error, “It was just an honest mistake. It wasn’t done intentionally to hide a political donation, it was just an error.” And what a coincidental error it turned out to be! Trump’s foundation just happened to donate money to a group closely connected to the individual who would decide if Trump was going to face fraud charges.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation is mostly window dressing for the faux-billionaire and its cash positions tell the real story. While Trump claims to be worth at least $10 billion, his foundation only reports having $1.3 million in the bank. The only giving Trump’s foundation actually does is to give small donations to people Trump knows personally; it is not a philanthropic foundation like Trump regularly claims. The foundation exists as a way for Trump to funnel cash to individuals, and as his campaign continues it is certain other instances of impropriety will be found.

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