Trump’s crazy doctor interviewed and it ended with threats of calling POLICE

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump surrounds himself with people who would be better suited to circus performers, and that includes his physician who one wrote him one of the most insane letters of health ever printed where he described Trump as “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

Trump’s doctor, Dr. Jacob Bornstein, was ambushed by CNN outside of his office, which led to an impromptu interview between the embattled doctor and CNN’s Drew Griffin. The interview began with Griffin stating, “The press has made you out to be a lunatic or something.” Bornstein calmly responded, “Well, a lunatic doesn’t have my credentials. The only thing I wanted to do in my life is practice with my father, which I managed to do for 35 years.”

The interview continued and Griffin asked, “Are there any regrets you have, getting involved in this crazy election?” Bornstein said, “No. These people are my patients, I take care of them the right way.” Griffin continued to probe, “And whatever you wrote in that letter, you believe Trump to be physically fit to be president?” Bornstein stood by his diagnoses, “Oh absolutely, there’s no question about it.”

Bornstein’s wife then arrived on the scene and shut down the interview. She told all individuals they were “done” and on “private property” and if they did not leave immediately she would “call the police.” Bornstein is then seen being shoved through a door by his wife.

Watch the full interview here:

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