Trump’s campaign TERRIFIED about upcoming debate after learning THIS will happen

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The first presidential debate is finally upon us, and the showdown between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will face off on a stage for the first time in front of the entire world. The buzz around the watercooler is the worry of what will happen when Trump begins his tactic of rambling incoherently, and if Clinton will be able to combat Trump’s various lies which will come in rapid succession.

The Trump campaign has lobbied heavily to prevent debate moderators from interjecting in the conversation by fact-checking the answers either candidate gives. However, one major publication has stated they will give no such quarter and has vowed to fact-check every last statement made by both Trump and Clinton.

Bloomberg TV will be conducting on-screen LIVE fact-checks, which is a first in American politics. Never before has a news agency of any kind taken the step of offering factual rebuttals to statements made by candidates moments after they say something. While some in the media consider the task too difficult to accomplish, Bloomberg TV is going to give the project a whirl.

If they are successful in their experiment, Bloomberg TV may usher in a new era of television where all networks will fact check all debates. However, if Bloomberg TV fails it will surely be to Donald Trump’s benefit as he will know he is free to lie his way through the remaining debates. The first debate is important because it is a first impression with the American people, but with attention spans at an all-time low the last debate is equally as important as the last moments are the ones viewers are more likely to remember.

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