Trump’s campaign in DANGER after top state director FORCED to resign…

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The campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has seen better days. Immediately following Trump’s brutal destruction at the hands of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, he and his campaign were looking for anything to take the attention away from him. Luckily for Trump he built an organization out of hatemongers and one of his state directors was forced to resign.

Brandon Phillips was the state director of Georgia for Trump’s campaign. Jason Miller, Trump’s senior communications adviser, said in a statement. “Today we accepted the resignation of the Trump-Pence campaign’s Georgia State Director Brandon Phillips. Billy Kirkland, our Georgia Senior Advisor, will continue to lead the campaign’s operations in Georgia.”

Apparently, Phillips was arrested for assault and trespassing in 2008, and after accepted a plea deal the charges were reduced. The Trump campaign claims they were unaware of the arrest record of Phillips, and after his past criminal history was uncovered Phillips was swiftly removed from his position.

Trump’s campaign missed the information on Phillips’ record because he completed a post-trial program, which allowed the charges against him to be dropped. After Phillips plead guilty and had the charges reduced, then later had them removed entirely. Thankfully some local journalists did their due diligence and brought this information to light. Now Bill Kirkland will be in charge of Trump’s day to day operations in Georgia, a state where Trump is expected to win. If this scandal helps to turn Georgia blue for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Trump will have only himself to blame.

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