Trump’s black spokesman claims media is RACIST after he gets caught LYING

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been attempting to repair his public image with African-American voters. Trump surrogate Pastor Mark Burns has been an active participant in that effort, particularly after Burns spoke during the Republican National Convention with a fiery speech. After the appearance of Burns at the RNC he became a household name, which in turn brought with it a higher level of scrutiny. The information that has been uncovered about Burns is not flattering, as it appears Burns has fabricated numerous points about his life.

A report by ThinkProgress has found Burns claimed a variety of false information on his website. The claim by Burns that he earned a Bachelor of Science degree from North Greenville University is a lie. Furthermore, the claim by Burns that he served in the Army Reserve for six years is also a lie.

Burns was confronted about these lies by CNN’s Victor Blackwell, and Burns claimed someone hacked his website and planted the lies to undermine him. Burns then demanded the conversation with Blackwell be “off the record” before storming out of the room.

After Burns was humiliated he released a statement claiming he was being unfairly targeted for lying because he was black. While owning up to the lies, Burns said they were the result of “youthful indiscretion.” Burns concluded by saying, “I am a black man supporting Donald Trump for President.”

Watch Burns get called out on his lies below:

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