Trump Speechless After Documents Show He Made MILLIONS From His Charity, After He…

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The American public has become incensed at the news of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign has been paying Trump’s businesses millions of dollars. The money was spent for campaign business, and Trump often selected to use his own services while paying high exorbitant rates.

Thus far the Trump campaign has spent around $119 million, and around seven percent of that money has been funneled into Trump’s own pockets! Such a flagrant cash grab has never before happened in American politics, but then again the rise of a buffoon like Trump has never happened either. Apparently, there is a first time for everything.

Trump paid himself $1.3 million to rent his own offices from himself, and $544,000 to pay for food his own staff cooked for himself and his other staff members. Trump further paid $333,000 to corporate staff members with his campaign’s money. It seems when Trump once bragged in 2000, “I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.” he was not being his usual bloviating self, he was giving the public a peek in the window of what he planned to do.

As Trump has not yet been investigated for this funneling of money it is unclear if he has broken any election laws. Trump may be using a loophole in the law which allows individuals who own companies to donate goods, services, and money to a campaign as if the company were the person. Corporations are people after all, according to the corrupt Supreme Court.


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