Trump’s afraid to speak openly to black audience, sets up scripted closed-door interview

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The blatant attempts by the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to soften Trump’s image amongst those he has alienated have almost all fallen flat. Trump’s most recent attempt to reach out to African-American voters has once again blown up in his face after his true intentions were learned.

Trump was supposed to speak to the full congregation of Great Faith Ministires International, but instead it has been learned Trump will instead be merely interviewed by their minister in a session closed to the media. Rather than Trump performing in a free-flowing conversation for which he is known the entire event is going to be scripted from the questions to the answers. A report states all of the questions are to be pre-screened, and Trump will have answers pre-written and will merely read them as an answer, rather than speaking off-the-cuff.

The revelations came from The New York Times who found an eight-page draft of the upcoming script Trump is to follow.

After the fake “interview” is completed it will be aired on a Christian cable television channel called “Impact Network.” Trump’s motives are numerous in that he seeks to win back African-America voters he alienated, along with bringing back evangelical Christian voters who are skeptical Trump can be their spiritual leader. The American people have been growing tired of Trump’s antics, and this latest staged attempt to soften his image will likely fall flat as well.


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