Trump’s 10 Most Disgusting Tweets About 9/11 In One List, That Shows Who He Truly Is…

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Republican Nominee Donald Trump uses the events of September 11th to his advantage and to spew his hateful agenda. He claims that he was a victim, as he lives in New York. He also continues to make claims that Muslims were “dancing in the streets” after 9/11, which simply isn’t true, and has never been shown.

The DailyBeast compiled a list of Trumps 10 most disgusting tweets about 9/11, and they show who he truly is.

They show Trump has used 9/11 to portray himself as a rebuilder of New York after the disaster, he’s used it to blame Bush for not preventing it, and to push a twisted conspiracy agenda.

Trump’s favorite thing to do? Re-Tweet his crazy followers. “I heard it on the internet” is what would drive a Trump policy agenda.

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