Trump Treats Miss Universe Like Complete Sh*t In Uncovered Video, Trump Doesn’t Want You To See This!

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Alicia Machado the 1996 Miss Universe Winner has been in the news A LOT since Hillary CLinton mentioned her in the Monday Presidential Debate. Machado was harassed by Trump after he claims she gained 50 pounds, going from 120 lb’s to 170 lb’s. Trump referred to Machado as “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping”, the latter referring to her Colombian descent.

Trump has made no attempts to deny that he fat-shamed Alicia Machado, instead saying that he was doing a good thing by bringing it up to her, while others wanted her to be fired. After several days of his sexism on display, Trump had a breakdown at 2 AM this morning, and took to Twitter to vent his frustrations – proving that he’s not fit for office yet again.

With all of the attention that the Trump-Machado relationship has been getting old video is being dug up. The following clip is via The Street, and perfectly summarizes what a douchebag Donald is.

Trump shot out 3 Tweets in successive bouts of anger at 2 AM today.

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