Trump took $885 million in tax breaks while denying tax breaks for everyone else

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump likes to sell his candidacy on being an excellent businessman with decades of storied success, but an investigation into Trump’s finances show he has built his empire on the backs of tax subsidies to the tune of nearly a billion dollars.

Trump’s headquarters is in New York City and the citizens of the metropolis have been Trump’s largest unwitting supporters. It has been revealed that Trump had nine real estate projects in NYC which were subsidized by the city government to the tune of $885 million. While Trump decries government spending and taxation, he had no trouble accepting these large gifts from the government. He said of the tax breaks:

In many cases, they made the difference between building and not being able to build.

Of Trump’s New York City properties the below values show the breakdown of how much money New York City tax payers forked over to help Trump:

Grand Hyatt Hotel: $359 million , 120-240 Riverside Blvd. : $332 million, Trump World Tower $120 million, Trump Tower : $37.5 million, One Central Park West: $16 million, Trump Plaza: $13 million, Trump Palace Condos: $8 million, 40 Wall Street: $150,000, Trump Parc East: $49,000

Trump’s hypocrisy in accepting funds from tax payers when it helps him, while decrying taxation as theft in other instances shows he is willing to change positions at any time. Consistency and character are both necessary to sit in the Oval Office, and Trump possesses neither of those qualities.

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