Trump threatens to start third World War with Iran

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gave a speech to a raucous crowd in Pensacola, Florida where he promised to attack a sovereign nation if that nation’s ships made rude gestures towards American ships. Trump’s willingness to provoke an open conflict with another nation over something trivial should certainly make all American voters nervous and fearful for themselves and their families.

Earlier in the week there were reports that Iran allegedly harassed a U.S. Navy vessel which was minding its own business in the Persian Gulf, which sparked Trump’s foolish comments about attacking Iran ships. Trump said:

“When Iran, when they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats, and they make gestures at our people that they shouldn’t be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water.”

The fact is the nation of Iran has not attacked another sovereign nation in over 200 years. The last time such an attack took place was in 1798 when the Shah of Iran attacked Basra in 1798. For Trump to declare hostilities, unprovoked, against a powerful nation such as Iran, who is backed by Russia and Trump’s best friend the dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin, shows just how little Trump understands about foreign policy.

Trump is willing to go to war over the most trivial and redundant of scenarios. A man who cannot stop himself from engaging in a Twitter feud with any person who makes a comment towards him has a chance of being in charge of the entire United States military, with some of the most sophisticated weaponry in the world. With Trump’s word, if president, he could use the “Presidential War Powers Act” to place troops anywhere in the world for 90 days, unilaterally, without the approval of anyone in Congress. One can be certain that if elected, Trump plans to do exactly that.

Watch Trump’s comments below:

Watch the full speech here:

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