Trump surrogate Giuliani HUMILIATED on MSNBC over Obama birth certificate

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Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, who was dubbed “America’s Mayor” after Giuliani’s handling of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, has fallen a long way from his stoic days. Giuliani now makes a living traveling the country stumping for extreme right-wing causes, and is most known for being a shill for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Both Giuliani and Trump have publicly shared their doubts in the past that President Barack Obama is an actual citizen of the United States by birth. This has become a sore spot for Giuliani after Obama humiliated all of his doubters years ago by releasing his birth certificate, which brings us to Giuliani’s recent appearance on MSNBC with Chris Matthews. The MSNBC host reminded the nation about the stupidity of Giuliani and Trump in this regard.

Matthews asked, “Mr. Mayor. is the President of the United States legitimate or not? Do you believe it? If you believe it, why doesn’t your candidate state it?” Giuliani attempted to walk back Trump’s statements from years past, “I believe it. He believes it. We all believe it.” However, Matthews wasn’t buying it. He continued, “He does? Are you speaking for him now? Are you speaking for Donald Trump tonight on live television? Are you saying for him, I’m saying he’s about to buckle and say finally, that Barack Obama is a legitimate President of the United States?”

Giuliani shamefully attempted to change the subject after he had been harpooned with nowhere to run, “Let’s talk about the next president being someone who would be prosecuted if she wasn’t a Clinton.”

Watch the entire circus below:

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