Trump RIDICULED By Billionaire Who Issues Him $5 Million Challenge AGAIN, Will He Accept?

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Reid Hoffman is a real billionaire, he’s worshipped in Silicon Valley for his tech prowess. Last night he appeared on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah to issue his $5 million challenge to Donald Trump should Donald release his tax returns. Hoffman doesn’t have a political history, but felt compelled to become involved, saying that if Trump runs America like he runs his businesses then “God Help Us”. Sounds about right.

Hoffman critiques Trump and his way of doing business, saying that business people should instead strive to create businesses that grow and thrive in a stable society. As oppose to Trump who he correctly points out has a sordid history of swindling people out of money they’re owed and suing people left and right.

Hoffman has likely caused Trump severe irritation after creating a game called “Trump Cards” that he shared with Noah.

Via Fortune: All profits from the game, which costs $20.16, will “go to charities that are already working to keep America great.”
“[W]e decided that satire that reveals the absurdity of our current situation is the only fitting response to these times,” he wrote. “And with Trump carpet-bombing political news cycles with low-brow entertainment, we figured why not carpet-bomb low-brow entertainment with politics?”

Via Vanity Fair: Pledging to donate up to $5 million to veterans groups if the Republican presidential nominee releases his tax returns. “There’s no real reason that Trump is keeping his returns secret, except that he sees them as a bargaining chip to utilize,” Hoffman wrote in a Medium post. “As Trump skirts his obligation to the American people, we must show him that we do value accountability and transparency.”

VF (Cont.): Hoffman, whose own net worth grew by $800 million in one day this year when Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26 billion, explained that he would be supporting a campaign started by 26-year-old U.S. Marine Corps veteran Peter Kiernan, who is crowd-funding money to to donate to 10 different veterans organizations if Trump releases his tax returns.

Hoffman preaches a moral way of approaching paying taxes during his sit-down with Noah. Although we may have our critiques he says, we are still compelled to pay our fair share in order to keep basic services in good standing. It’s refreshing to hear what a real billionaire should sound like, clip below.

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