Trump receives glowing endorsement from WHITE SUPREMACIST group leader

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump likes to say that he has broad support around America, but he shies away from a group which almost universally endorses him. Is it Christians? No. Women? Obviously not. Actually, the groups which almost all support Trump are those lovable racists who believe in white supremacy. The leader of one such group recently gave a glowing speech describing why he believes Trump is going to be the president, and why he supports Trump’s candidacy.

Richard Spencer, the president of the National Policy Institute (NPI), spoke highly of Donald Trump during a speech, “There’s something about him, there’s something high energy, that is infectious, that you look at that and you think, This is what a leader looks like, this is what we want.’ Even in all his vulgarity and I would never deny him, this is what we want in a leader.”

Quite a glowing review. As it happens the National Policy Institute has a long-term policy to “elevate the consciousness of whites, ensure our biological and cultural continuity, and protect our civil rights.” Surely the Trump campaign will be welcoming Mr. Spencer to their stable with open arms while graciously accepting his support.

The good news about Spencer doesn’t stop there, however, oh no. In fact Spencer, shockingly, also has horrible things to say about civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. Spencer wrote of King that he is “a fraud and degenerate in his life, who has become the symbol and cynosure of White Dispossession and the deconstruction of Occidental civilization. We must overcome!”

Watch Spencer’s speech below:

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