Trump Reaches All Time Low With New Ad That Attacks Hillary In Disgusting Way

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Republican Nominee Donald Trump has released a completely disgusting new TV ad full of visual gimmicks and factual misrepresentation. The motif is for the camera to pan to vast amounts of construction to show that Trump “The Builder” will bring America back to life. No mention of his bankruptcies during the spot.

Via RealTimePolitics: The 30-second TV spot, announced Tuesday via email by the Trump campaign, is entitled “Movement” and features a string of phrases describing the GOP nominee as a “builder, businessman, success” and praising him for “doing what others called impossible.”

From The Trump Camp: “While Hillary Clinton ‘distracts and diverts’ attention away from her horrific record with negative advertisements that lack substance, our campaign plans on promoting the positive energy that has turned Mr. Trump’s campaign into a full-fledged movement,” Trump campaign senior communications adviser Jason Miller said in a statement that accompanied the ad’s release.

Trump is attacking Bill Clinton? Trump has not exactly been a steward of good morals, whether financially or morally. Who is he to insult anyone? Comment below with what you think of this ad.

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