Trump LIED about his role in accepting gov’t funds in 9-11 aftermath

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Republican presidential nominee has stopped to dastardly lows during his campaign. He insulted the family of a dead U.S. Mulsim soldier, he kicked a crying baby out of his rally, and he even threatened to have protesters assaulted. However, nothing Trump has done compares to the absolutely despicable revelation that Trump has been lying about his role after the 9-11 terrorist attacks which saw 2,997 individuals murdered on American soil.

An investigation which is disastrous to Trump’s campaign has found Trump’s been lying to score political points while standing on the graves of 9-11 victims. During an interview with TIME magazine in April 2016 Trump said, “It was probably a reimbursement for the fact that I allowed people, for many months, to stay in the building and use the building and store things in the building.” The “it” Trump refers to is a $150,000 reimbursement from the government for businesses which suffered losses due to the 9-11 attacks.

Rather than merely acknowledge he accepted reimbursement money Trump has attempted to spin the money as a payment from the government as a thank you for being so generous. However if generosity were his aim why did he accept the $150,000 payment with which to begin? Trump continued his lie by concocting a version of reality that has never been substantiated,”I was happy to do it, and to this day I am still being thanked for the many people I helped. The value of what I did was far greater than the money talked about, much of which was sent automatically to building owners in the area.”

Who are these people who thanked Trump? Not only did he lie about why he received $150,000, he also lied about the fake applause he received from the public. Such is standard fare for the Republican nominee, and the American people are not amused.


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