Trump just LOST HUGE after judge denied motion about Trump University

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It appears as if Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s luck is running out. A U.S. District Judge has denied Trump’s lawyer’s request to move his trial date involving the scandalous Trump University to 2017, allowing Trump to avoid negative press on the subject before the November presidential election.

The case, Low v. Trump, has been hotly contested. Trump created a large public backlash when he accused U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel of being unfit to preside over the hearing due to Curiel’s inability to remain impartial because of his Mexican heritage. Apparently, Trump didn’t win the favor of Curiel with those comments.

Curiel stated Trump’s lawyers did not provide an adequate reason to push the trial until 2017. Trump’s lawyers argued one of the lead attorneys, Daniel Petrocelli, would be hindered by an early trial date due to a scheduling conflict. However, Petrocelli was unable to point to what other court dates would conflict with his schedule.

As it happens Curiel is presiding over not one but two cases involving Trump University. The plaintiffs in the cases state they were scammed out of thousands of dollars under the promise of learning to manage real estate. Trump’s position is the individuals went through his courses and it is not his fault if they do not believe they gained the knowledge they thought they were going to gain, nor is it his fault if they did not or were not able to use the information in a way which was productive to them.

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