Trump invites Benghazi survivor to debate to heckle Hillary Clinton

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The first debate between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is shaping up to a contentious affair. Both candidates have been given a select number of seats to invite guests of their choosing, and Clinton fired the first shot in the audience war by inviting Trump’s sworn enemy billionaire Mark Cuban. In response Trump threatened to invite Clinton’s husband’s former flame with whom he had an affair, Gennifer Flowers. Trump has since backed off saying he only said that to make a point, but now the Trump campaign has confirmed they did invite someone who Clinton would rather not be sitting in the front row.

A survivor of the Benghazi, Libya attack, Marine veteran Mark Geist, will be attending at the behest of Trump. Geist has previously spoken at the Republican National Convention where he pulled no punches in his dislike and disdain for Clinton. He said, “Opportunities taken when we defied stand-down orders and opportunities squandered when Hillary Clinton failed to protect her people on the ground. Had she done her job, we would not have had to compromise the annex.”

Given the public’s split opinion on Clinton’s culpability in the Benghazi attacks, Geist’s appearance will certainly draw attention. Clinton may find herself wishing she did not engage Trump in a battle of who could be the most petty, as Trump has shown he alone wears the crown as the king of petty.

Watch Mark Geist’s RNC speech below:

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