Trump gets MAD after reporter asked him about Obama’s birth certificate

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Before Donald Trump was running for president he was running his mouth about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, leading the nation in a charge in one of the stupidest witch hunts in American history.

The Republican presidential nominee was cornered in what was supposed to be a friendly interview that turned hostile after a local news anchor took the opportunity to ask Trump some tough questions. Trump began with his standard fare, “What do you have to lose, I actually tell people, I’ll fix it. I will fix these problems.¬†And these folks reached out to me.”

WPVI newsman¬†Matt O’Donnell quickly changed the subject on Trump, “You don’t talk about the birth certificate anymore. Do you regret even bringing it up?” Trump became upset with the question, “I don’t talk about it anymore. I told you, I don’t talk about it anymore.” Why would Trump not “talk about it anymore” ? Could it be Trump embarrassed himself and every individual involved after President Obama thoroughly dismantled any form of argument which they could have?

Trump refused to answer about his self-imposed “birther” scandal and the conversation quickly changed to race relations in the city of Philadelphia. O’Donnell asked, “The African American community is suspect about it because they believe it is racial profiling. What would you tell them?” Trump has been on an apology tour attempting to lure minority voters to support him. His answer was empty and baseless, “Well, I think you’re going to have to have it, so many people are being killed in Philadelphia, that it’s actually incredible when you look at the stats. I think you have to have it. We had it in New York.”

Watch Trump trip over his words below:

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