Trump Bribery Scandal Explodes, As Accomplice ADMITS Exactly What Happened

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The Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi, has become a household name for all of the wrong reasons. She has been accused of performing legal favors Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. After Trump donated $25,000 to Bondi’s political campaign, Bondi decided not to investigate Trump University for fraud charges. A simple coincidence? Bondi broke her silence on the matter and said as much during a news conference.

Bondi said, “Donald Trump did not get a pass.” She went on to say, “There never was an investigation into Donald Trump by this office.” Right, which was clearly the problem. Why did Bondi repeat what was already known? She then completed one of the biggest linguistic contortions in recent political memory. Bondi said she couldn’t return Trump’s donation because if she had returned the money, then it would have looked like a bribe. What?  Bondi said:

If I had returned it you would have reported ‘Bondi accepted a bribe, got caught and returned it.’ That’s how the reporting goes. And so, no, there was nothing improper about it. So there was no reason to return it.

Double talk of such a staggering degree has not been observed in the media for quite some time. While Bondi may believe she did herself a service by opening up to the press about the Trump “pay for play” scandal, she has only made herself look worse. It is without question to any thinking person that Bondi accepted Trump’s money as a bribe, and with her poor defense she will likely have provoked a federal investigation into her actions.


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