Trump attacked Clinton’s ‘look’ at the Internet responded in this hilarious manner

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump recently gave an interview on Good Morning America where he, of all people, had the gall to criticize how Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton looks. Trump even went as far as to repeatedly point out how Clinton doesn’t look “presidential.” For Trump, an individual who has incited violence and racism amongst millions of Americans, to say Clinton doesn’t look presidential is as hypocritical as it is laughable. Trump’s the one who literally mocked disabled people by making wild flailing gestures with his hands. Trump’s the individual who threw a baby out of a rally, and has called for his supporters to assault individuals who protest him. Trump is the man who disgraced a fallen soldier merely because he was Muslim, and then disgraced the soldier’s parents.

The Internet took notice of Trump’s absolute stupidity and their response was swift and brutal. Many took to mocking Trump and his appearance, while others took a more traditional approach of mocking Trump’s various gaffes which he has committed on the campaign trail. One hopes Trump will see the utter disdain the public has for him and will learn that his doublespeak narcissism will no longer be tolerated. More and more individuals are waking up to the vile nature which Trump employs, which is greatly reducing his base of power.

View Trump’s humiliation below:

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