Trump adviser offers medical diagnosis of Clinton while having ZERO medical expertise

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It appears Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a doctor working on his staff of advisers. Trump never announced this doctor, but after Hillary Clinton’s public bout of pneumonia in New York City this individual has lifted the veil to give their reveal themselves and offer their official diagnosis. Except this individual is not a medical doctor, and has zero qualifications or credentials to offer any opinions. However lacking the facts has never stopped Trump, nor will it impede his adviser.

Daniel Tamburello, the co-chair of “Veterans for Trumpwrote a ridiculous and embarrassing Facebook post where he shared his unsolicited opinion on Clinton’s health. Tamrurello wrote, ““Hillary has been rumored to have Parkinsons for some time, as one of the theories to what ails her. Personally I would surmise it is more than one illness.” How generous of the faux-doctor to give his expertise at no cost to the American public. But wait, there’s more. Tamrurello continued his bloviation, “It has now been admitted that she has pneumonia. Pneumonia is one of the most common secondary conditions that occures, and is a high degree secondary issue complicating Parkinsons patients’ health that causes eventual mortality – again, very common to have Parkinsons patients die of pneumonia.”

The Veterans for Trump co-chairman, with zero medical experience, went on further:

This in a combination with the recent fondness of mumus, makes me think she is concealing a deep brain stim [sic] battery pack that counters her tremors from Parkinsons. They may have admitted HRC has pneumonia, but that’s not WHY she has pneumonia. I believe she has pneumonia caused by Parkinsons disease.

Trump’s campaign has allowed a variety of ignorant personalities to the national stage, but Tamrurello is certainly in the running to win the biggest idiot of them all.

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