Trevor Noah Demolishes Donald Trump In What’s His Greatest Performance Yet

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There were big shoes to fill when Jon Stewart left The Daily Show and Trevor Noah came onto the scene, it’s not a stretch to say that although Trevor has been excellent, it hasn’t been Stewart. Although it would be amazing to see Stewart’s sketches on Trump every night, particularly on nights like Monday where The Daily Show has an extended show, everyone has been waiting and watching for Trevor Noah to “come into his own”. Monday was one of Trevor’s best performances yet.

Via ForwardProgressives: Noah started off showing several clips where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sparred with one another, saying it was “like watching a real-life version of Twitter.” He then showed the part of the debate where Trump claimed that Clinton had been “fighting ISIS her entire adult life.” “Her entire adult life,” Noah mockingly asked. “ISIS has been around since 2004, so that would make Hillary 26-years-old. And she can’t be 26 because Donald Trump wasn’t hitting on her.”

Watching Trump talk is like stepping into an entirely different world, which Hillary pointed out. When Hillary asked if everything in the world was going to be blamed on her, Trump smugly replied “Why not?”. Which is a perfect summary of Trump’s view, he doesn’t care if what he says is based in reality, he cares if it sounds good to the lost souls of the Trumper movement.

Hillary put a spotlight on what Trump has been trying to hide, his taxes. Hillary pointed out that during the years for which he had to release his taxes in order to get his casino license it showed zero federal income tax. Trump responded that not paying any taxes makes him “smart”. Hillary correctly asked today “So, what does that make the rest of us?

FP: Noah then expressed his shock at how Trump seemed to boastfully admit that a big reason why he’s not releasing his tax returns is because they’ll show that he didn’t pay anything in income tax. “I’m sorry, what?,” Noah asked. “Taxes are a responsibility, not something to evade. You’re running to be the number one citizen of a country, you shouldn’t brag about how you found ways to get around the rules.”

Spot on Trevor! Watch the clip below.

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