Top Mexican Official Learns His Fate After Inviting Trump To Mexico

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Republican Nominee Donald Trump was invited by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto for a talk last week. President Nieto had invited both candidates, Hillary had declined to go, Trump was expected to refuse. With the United Nation’s General Assembly coming up it places an extraordinary demand on security resources, the trip was deemed unsafe, Trump decided to go anyway.

The meeting appeared to go normally in that no international incident was triggered by Trump visiting. During the press conference afterwards when asked about who would pay for the wall Trump said that it had not been discussed. This became a media firestorm when President Nieto tweeted right after Trump left that at the onset of the meeting he had disclosed to Trump that there was no way he was paying for Trump’s wall. That night Trump gave a radical speech, affirming that there would be a wall, Mexico would pay for it, and they just don’t know it yet.

Details have now emerged that the invitation was sent out by Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray who was right hand man to President Peña Nieto.

The Wall Street Journal Reports:
“Mr. Videgaray’s resignation comes less than a week after a controversial visit to Mexico by U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, which was widely seen as a humiliation for Mexico and its leader. Multiple local media reports said the invitation to Mr. Trump was Mr. Videgaray’s idea, a claim disputed by his aides and by Mr. Peña Nieto.”


A poll after the visit showed 85% of Mexicans thought it had been a bad idea to invite the real-estate mogul.

In the days that followed the visit, obvious splits emerged in Mexico’s cabinet. The Foreign Ministry and the powerful Interior Ministry both made it clear they hadn’t supported the idea, and media reports soon placed the blame for the invitation on Mr. Videgaray.”

Occupy Democrats speculates that the invitation was extended to show that Mexico and Trump could have a cordial relationship. This based on speculation that if Trump were elected his policies could send the world into a financial catastrophe. Trump has tacitly stated that the trade relationship between Mexico and the United States would be leveraged to force Mexico into a position where they would pay for the construction of a wall along the southern border.

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