These moderators have been BANNED from doing this during the presidential debates

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The television news personalities who will be in charge of moderating the presidential debates have just had their options thinned thanks to the disastrous interview performance by Matt Lauer. The public heavily criticized Lauer when he questioned Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton about her emails numerous times rather than discussing foreign policy.

While individuals believe the conversational debacle was the fault of Lauer alone, he was wearing an earpiece from which a producer named Andy Lack was using to feed Lauer questions. Rather than Lauer being a poor interviewer, Lauer’s defenders say he is excellent at his job but had no choice but to comply with his boss’s wishes on live television.

An NBC representative speaking on behalf of Andy Lack says Lack had no part in Lauer’s choice of questioning. The representative said, “Andy was not in Matt’s ear. It’s totally untrue. The fact of the matter is he would never be in the ear of any host during a program — it would be way too distracting. Andy was in the control room giving feedback during the forum, but he did not communicate directly with Matt.”

In response to this mess created by Lauer and Lack, The Commission on Presidential Debates has issued a decree that all debate moderators will be banned from wearing an earpiece during the presidential debates. This means that Lester Holt, Martha Raddatz, Anderson Cooper, and Chris Wallace will all find themselves unburdened by their bosses talking in their ears. Such an action will be unprecedented in debate history, as previous moderators have always  been in contact with their support staff.


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