Stephen Colbert & Trevor Noah Hilariously Skewer Matt Lauer

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Matt Lauer hosted the Commander and Chief Forum on NBC and is being ridiculed for his unfair treatment of Hillary Clinton paired with his lack of questioning to Donald Trump. Lauer dedicated almost 15 minutes out of 30 allocated to Hillary Clinton discussing her emails, while at the same time not questioning Trump for lying about his support of the Iraq War.

Stephen Colbert of Late Night and Trevor Noah of The Daily Show were less than enthusiastic about Lauer’s performance, which has been viewed as professionally lacking and sexist against Clinton.

Here are their quotes as reported by NewCenturyTimes:
“I don’t know what the f*ck he was doing, and neither did he. Because with just 30 minutes to ask Hillary about her national security strategy, he spent one-third of her time digging through her inbox.”

“Genuinely, guys, Matt Lauer and the NBC forum were not good last night. Because if he wasn’t good with Hillary Clinton, he was terrible when handling Trump — he just let Trump get away with blatant lies.”

“Since last night wasn’t technically a debate, there’s no real winner. But many have declared a loser: Matt Lauer. Last night, Twitter tore him a new tweethole with criticisms New York magazine summed up by saying, ‘Matt Lauer’s interviews of Clinton and Trump were a complete disgrace to journalism.’”

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