Soon the American people will be able to sue Saudi Arabia for 9-11 unless Obama vetoes

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The House of Representatives voted unanimously to allow 9-11 terrorist attack victims to be able to sue the government of Saudi Arabia in connection with the deaths of their family members and loved ones. The unanimous vote came just days before the 15th anniversary of 9-11, and is seen as a triumph for the families by some, and others call it a political stunt meant to shore up support for a Republican House which has had an approval rating hovering around 10 percent for the last several years. As a point of fact no other House of Representatives has accomplished so little in almost t 70 years.

The bill, called “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act“,  passed due to increasing suspicion that the Saudi Arabian government had a hand in funding or even planning the horrific attack upon American soil. In May the Senate chamber passed the exact same bill, and it is now on its way to the desk of President Barack Obama who has previously offered severe reservation to signing the legislation into law. Many suspect Obama may veto the bill, which would have a terrible optics impact to the American people. The viciously divided House of Representatives finally finds common ground among bipartisan lines only for the president to stand in their way?

Legislators have a plan of attack if Obama decides to take that route. Sen.  Charles Schumer (D-NY) believes that Obama’s veto can be overridden and confidently said, “I think we easily get the two-thirds override if the president should veto.” Considering the overwhelming nature of the bill’s passage, it places Obama is a delicate position. If he signs the bill he will anger America’s Saudi Arabian allies, who are the largest oil producing nation on Earth. If he vetoes the bill it is likely to become law anyway through an override, making Obama appear weak in the last few months during the twilight of his presidency.


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