Trump Gets DISASTROUS News From The Senate About Hiding His Taxes, They Are Going To…

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The end of the line for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s tax charade is imminent to arrive. For months now Trump has stated he is not going to release his taxes, and then he said he would release them after an IRS audit, and then he said even after the audit he may not release the information. Now U.S. senators are getting into the mix by attempting to pass legislation that will force Trump to release his taxes once and for all.

Senate Democrats have placed a bill on the senate calendar that will make Trump legally obligated to release his tax information. The charge is being led by Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid, of Nevada, who in recent days has called Trump “the king of welfare queens.” Incendiary rhetoric aside, Reid has numerous allies in the senate who would like to see the measure passed. This includes Sen. Chris Murphy, of Connecticut, who said he won’t back down from the legislation, “We’re going to be here next week. We’re probably going to have some downtime. There’s no reason we couldn’t vote.”

The reality of Trump’s situation is Republicans control the Senate chamber, and have no interest in passing legislation that would be detrimental to their party’s standard-bearer. Democrats are offering this legislation as legitimate, but fruitless lipservice. If one were a betting person the odds of this legislation passing would be astronomical, and Trump will walk free to election day with his tax secrets in tow. The American people will likely never know what secrets lay inside of Trump’s tax returns, and that is truly a shameful disgrace.

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