Scumbag Republican brings mosquitoes to House floor to cry about funding after denying funds to everyone else

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A pillar of the Republican party is the bedrock belief that taxes are a detriment upon society, and that through cutting spending in government programs, prosperity will flourish among all classes of American society. As such, all taxes make Republicans hold their nose, except of course when they request help from the government in the form of a monetary subsidy. In these moments Republican conservatives show their true colors of hypocrisy when they are ready and willing to accept money from the government, collected from their fellow citizens, when they need it — and they seek to deny the exact same money to others in their time of need because when republicans need help it is imperative, and when anyone else does it is wasteful. Such is the case with Congressman David Jolly or Florida.

While speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives Florida congressman David Jolly expressed his outrage that a bill funding a public health response to the outbreak of the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus had failed. Jolly said, “This is the reason for the urgency, this is the reason for the fear. Mr. Speaker, it is time to act. The politics of Zika have gone on far too long. The politics of Zika are wrong. People are scared. During the seven weeks… that we were gone, cases of Zika rose from 4,000 to by some estimates over 16,000 in the country.”

To make his point about fear Jolly brought a jar of mosquitos with him for a bit of congressional theatrics:

I brought these mosquitoes today to convey that fear and that anxiety of millions of Americans, of Floridians,” he said. “Can you imagine the fear and anxiety in this chamber if these mosquitoes were outside this jar, not inside this jar? Members of Congress would run down the hall to the physician’s office to be tested. They would spray themselves before coming down here. This is the fear of Floridians! Right here! It is not good enough to work on a compromise for months and months and months with no solution.

View the speech by Jolly below:

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